The Starving Writer

The goal of the Starving Writer was to help writers to attain their dreams. Below you’ll find the e-books I created to help other writers on their journey.

I am currently working with a new editor and all of these titles are getting a revamp. Which I am very excited about. I have been working diligently on upgrading and improving these titles.

I do not have release dates for the new and improved versions yet but when I know, you’ll know.

You've Decided to be a Writer, Now What?
You’ve Decided to be a Writer, Now What?

The below titles are unavailable during their re-edit .

Click HERE to be transported to my Amazon Author Page.

You’ve Decided to be a Writer, Now What?

Mighty Magnificent Book of Prompts

Totally Random and Awesome Writing Exercises

Short Story Crash Course

Journaling Guide and Course

Jump Start Your Poetry

Tips for New Freelance Writers

Your Step by Step Guide to Writing Memoir

Buy My Book! 50 plus Marketing Strategies

Mega Volt Story Starters

Show Me Your Shorts

The Basics

Monster Book of Prompts

Big Book of Exercises, Prompts and Block Busters

For a short period of time I also published The Starving Writer Review where I featured other writers stories. You can read these stories in The Starving Writer Review Collection. This collection is currently unavailable.

The Starving Writer Review Collection
The Starving Writer Review Co

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