Education and Lesson Plans

Here is your source for educational materials for Kindergarten through Fifth grade. Children spend about six and a half hours a day at school. A large part of their learning takes place at home. You will find materials I have developed to bridge the school and home learning gap.

New Release Coming May 2020

Kindergarten Prep Book

Now Available Preparing Your Child for Kindergarten Fun and educational activities to give your child a jump start to success I am very excited about this title and can’t wait for it to be released. Link will be posted once this title goes live. Click HERE to preview.

Lesson Plans I’ve been working and learning so many new things about writing lesson plans. I am in the process of revamping/redoing the below lesson plans and I will be rolling out others starting Summer 2020 .

Reconstruction Underway All the Below titles are currently still available on Amazon while they are receiving their updates. Since they are under reconstruction they are all priced reduced to .99c. You can find all of these lesson plans on Amazon. Click HERE to be taken to my Author Page

The Solar System
The Solar System

The Solar System

I Love to Read and Write

I Love to Write Workbook

Have a Field Day with Physical Fitness

Earth Day All Year Long Activity Book

Earth Day Every Day

I Love to Read


Sink Your Teeth into Dental Health

Sink Your Teeth into Dental Health
Sink Your Teeth into Dental Health

Presidents of the United States

Celebrating Thanksgiving

Pumpkins, Spiders and Bats, Oh My

Fire Safety and Prevention

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