Books By Laura K Marshall

Welcome to the children’s / young adult books and stories by me.

It’s no secrete that I love writing. I’ve been writing children’s short stories for as long as I can remember. But these stories aren’t just for children. They are for the young at heart as well. As an adult I enjoy many stories that I enjoyed as a child but can now understand some of the other meanings and lessons told through the story. But then again a good story is a good story. Take a scroll through the titles below and see what I’ve been writing.

You can find all these titles and more at

Amazing but True Book One
Amazing but True Book One

Amazon Author Page Click HERE

Smashwords Author Profile

Here I’ve listed all my titles by category. You’ll find descriptions and cover art on Amazon and Smashwords.

The Amazing but True Collection features the first nine books in the series. Want to read the first book for free? Click HERE.

Short Stories

The Popcorn Ball , Being Green, Bag of Tricks, Tawny, the Mighty Yellow School Bus, Magical Adventures, Second Time Around, Day at the Dairy Farm, Devoted, Albuquerque, the Super Turkey, Inky, the Icky Black Spider, Mrs. O’Leary’s Cow, The Jade Rabbit, Terror in the Alley, The Rainbow Keeper, Nomerovia, The Mystery of the Disappearing Trash, The Legend of Falling Rock.

Short Story Collections

Farrango – Myths, Legends and Lore

Mr. Quipster’s Tales

Highnoon in Storyville

Educational / Fun Stuff

Reading is Fun

Preparing Your Child for Kindergarten

Vacation Boredom Busters

Preparing Your Families Emergency Kit

Middle Grade Novel

Aunt Millie’s Dairy Farm


Poems for Everyday

Munchy Crunchy Poems

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