Books by L.K. Marshall

Oh Science Fiction and Adventure, how I love thee. This is my not so clever pen name for my Science Fiction and Adventure writings.

I am currently working with a new editor and all of these titles are getting a revamp. Which I am very excited about. I have been working diligently on upgrading and improving these titles. I do not have release dates for the new and improved versions yet but when I know, you’ll know.

Since this is a pen name there is a completely different author page for these titles. To find out more about L.K. Marshall visit my Amazon Author Page HERE. These books are not available during this editing process.

The Blake Hemlock Chronicles Projected Re-release 2021

Blake Hemlock Chronicles
Blake Hemlock Chronicles

Blake, a self-proclaimed Star Hopper, didn’t know what he was getting himself into when he signed on as Chief Engineer of the Viking. He got more than he bargained for as a member of the crew. Finding a friend in Seyfert, a rough and tumble Tartan, and First Mate of the Viking. Their unlikely team up will take them on adventures across the Universe.

Join Blake and Seyfert on assignments for the Triangulum Alliance which doesn’t always keep them on the right side of the Planetary Unions Security Patrol.

Books in the series include:

Star Hopper Book 1

Why Me? Book 2

Under the Radar Book 3

Dr. Cao I Presume Book 4

The Keys Series

James is your ordinary muscle car enthusiast living on the edge of the flats. Until one night  when his world took an explosive turn. What James thought was a meteor blazing through the sky ended up being a space craft.

After rescuing the pilot from the fiery debris, James agrees to help the mysterious pilot recover the Keys of Power before the Dragologers discover there locations and use there powers to enslave the universe.

Papawa Book 1 Re-release 2021

Alunay Book 2 Coming Some Time in 2021

Topanga Pete and Dutch Adventures Series

Join the duo of Topanga Pete and his trusted friend, Dutch, on there adventures around the world acquiring antiquities and safe guarding cultural and mystical sites.

Topanga Pete and the Temple of Fire Book 1 Re-release projected for 2021

The next installments of these adventures will be available once all the existing titles have been re-released.

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