Writing Exercise Friday June 5th

Welcome to your Friday writing exercise. Get your writing muscles ready and stretched out to get your write on. Twenty Minutes Writing Challenge – Write a story using one of the following titles: Roller Derby Queens’ Secrets Revealed Pancakes are Great for Dinner Cyborgs aren’t Real! Journey to the Heart of a Black Hole YouContinue reading “Writing Exercise Friday June 5th”

Fun and Silly Days and Holidays June 8th – 14th

Welcome to Fun and Silly Days and Holidays for the week of June 8th – 14th. June 8th – Best Friends Day we celebrate our friendships all through out the year but today is an extra special day to let our friends know how much they mean to us. In 1935 the US Congress decidedContinue reading “Fun and Silly Days and Holidays June 8th – 14th”

Writing Myths Monday #5

Welcome to another installment of Writing Myths Monday. Let’s jump right in. Writing Myth #5 – My first draft must be perfect. Wow, talk about pressure. I don’t know many things in life that I’ve done perfect the first time around, especially when it comes to writing. The goal of your first draft is toContinue reading “Writing Myths Monday #5”

Writing Prompts May 29th

Happy Prompt Friday! It’s time to get your thinking caps on and get creative. Today I have some interesting prompts to get your creative juices flowing. Remember prompts are a way to get your mind in shape for writing. Getting those creative muscles stretched and ready for action. Total bonus if a prompt turns intoContinue reading “Writing Prompts May 29th”

Fun and Silly Days and Holidays June 1st – 7th

Welcome to Fun and Silly Days and Holidays for the week of June 1st – 7th. The month of June is Candy Month, Gay Pride Month and Rose Month plus multiple fun days during the month. So lets get going with this first week. June 2nd – National Rocky Road Day celebrates the Rocky RoadContinue reading “Fun and Silly Days and Holidays June 1st – 7th”

Writing Myths Monday #4

Happy Monday to you all! Welcome to another Writing Myths Monday. Myth # 4 – I must be inspired to write. If that was the case there wouldn’t be a lot of writing going on. William Faulkner famously said, “I only write when I am inspired. Fortunately, I am inspired at 9 am every morning.”Continue reading “Writing Myths Monday #4”

Building Tension Writing Exercise

Welcome to your Friday Writing Exercise. Let’s get your writing muscles stretched out. We are going to be practicing writing tension. In this exercise we will be writing a scene where two characters want the same object and they both believe they are the one destine to have it. These two people will do orContinue reading “Building Tension Writing Exercise”

Fun and Silly Days and Holidays May 25th – May 31st

Welcome to Fun and Silly days and holidays for May 25th – 31st. This week is all about food and beverage. My inner foodie is so happy. May 25th – National Wine Day is to celebrate wine. Buy it, drink it and enjoy its history. The best way to celebrate the day is to visitContinue reading “Fun and Silly Days and Holidays May 25th – May 31st”

Writing Myth Monday #3

Happy Monday Y’all! Hope you had a fantastic weekend. I’m ready to take on another week of writing and taking on social distancing. Let’s jump into today myth. Myth #3 – I need a specific fixed space to write. Not true. Yes, it’s true you need a place to write, it’s not true you mustContinue reading “Writing Myth Monday #3”

Writing Prompts May 15th

Happy Writing Prompts Friday. It’s time to get your creative pants on and get to work. I have four very different prompts for you to choose from today. Select the one that speaks to you the most and go for it. Or use all four, that would be pretty awesome. I liked noodles before thatContinue reading “Writing Prompts May 15th”