About Me


So you’ve come here to find out about me.

I am an author. I have been writing for most of my life. My first published book was in 2012. I write children’s and young adult fiction, education materials (ie lesson plans), non-fiction how to’s and courses. I also write Science Fiction and Adventure. I do write under a pen name for my Science Fiction and Adventure Series. L.K. Marshall is my not so clever pen name for those genres.

I am a Resource Room Instructor and I teach S.T.E.M for our districts after school enrichment program. My excitement for education has been life long. I create materials that I would enjoy being taught.

I love going on adventures with my friends and family. We try to get out as much as possible and try new things.

I am married with two boys, three if you count the husband. My father lives with us. We are a three generation household. We have two cats, Newman and King, and a dog Felix. We live near Portland Oregon.

What will you find here on the blog? We’ll I’ll tell ya. This space is for pulling all the separate pieces of my life together. You’ll find things about my life, my writing, being an educator (and all that goes with it), friend and family adventures, and more.

I’m looking forward to what the future has to offer.


email : LKMarshallauthor@gmail.com

twitter : @beinglkm

facebook : @laurakmarshallauthor

instagram :@beinglaurakmarshall I have some pretty cool picture up. I post almost daily, so to keep up with what’s going on, this is a good place for that.

Note: My books have affiliate links with Amazon.

Thanks for the interest and hope to see you again soon.

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