Moon Day Activity

Moon Day is Monday, July 20th. We are celebrating the 51st anniversary of the first moon landing. I know I try to spy the moon every night. Here in Oregon it can be difficult due to how cloudy it gets. Below I’ve shared some information about the moon landing and fun facts about the moon. Also a fun, but a tad messy, moon dirt activity. Hope you enjoy it.

On July 20, 1969 Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin became the first humans to set foot on the moon during the Apollo 11 mission. As they took these “small steps” Michael Collins orbited the moon in the command module. Millions of people around the world were glued to their televisions as the Apollo crew inspired generations to believe they could do anything if they tried hard enough.

But why do you think we wanted to go to the moon? Why would you like to go to the moon? It’s the unknown. It’s the possibility of what could be or what could be accomplished. 

We as humans want to find the answers to the unknown. What is the moon made out of? How does it shine? Does the moon affect anything here on Earth or is it just a rock orbiting our planet?

Facts about the Moon

Our moon  orbits the Earth at a distance of 239 thousand miles.

It makes a complete orbit around the Earth in 27 days. 

The same side of the moon is always facing us.

The surface is rocky with a powdery dust.

There are many craters.

There have been over one-hundred spacecrafts launched to explore the moon.

The moon is the only place that humans have visited beyond our planet during the Apollo mission.

How to make Moon Dirt This activity is appropriate for preschool and older

Supplies Needed:

Large Bowl or container

Large Spoon

Table cloth

Small items to make impressions

9 cups Flour

1 ¼ cup Baby Oil

Activity Preparation: Combine the Flour and Baby Oil in a large bowl and mix thoroughly. The moon dirt should hold an imprint when mixed. If too dry add more baby oil if too wet add more flour. Has the same feel as kinetic sand.

This fun activity can be messy, but a great kinetic experience. I hope you, and your children, enjoy this activity.

Until next time be happy, stay safe and have fun.

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