Writing Myths Monday

Welcome to another installment of Writing Myths Monday. I hope this Monday morning finds you well. Let’s jump into this week’s myth.

Writing Myth #11 – If You Can’t Spell, You Can’t Write

Well then I better pack up my writing gear and close up shop. I identified a long time ago that spelling wasn’t my strong suit. My father used to help me with my spelling / English homework. English is not his first language, Dutch is, so I learned to spell phonetically. Which in the English language isn’t very accurate. I didn’t let that stop me from writing. I use the tools at my disposal like spell check, a dictionary , sticky notes with words I frequently misspell, spelled correctly and an editor.

As a side effect of spelling not being my strong suit I reread my manuscripts many, many times. In doing this I’ve caught non-spelling related mistakes or just things I feel need to be changed or enhanced.

What can be seen as a disadvantage I turned into an opportunity to make my work stronger.

Until next time, be happy, stay safe, and good writing vibes into the universe.

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