Vacation Boredom Busters

In Plain Sight Game

This is a fun hidden object game, with a twist. Instead of hiding an object buried under cushions or in cabinets, the objective of this game is to hide something out in the open, where it is visible to all.

Choose any small, unspectacular object for this game, such as a coin, small doll, or action figure. One person leaves the room while someone else places the object somewhere in the room. It cannot be placed under or behind anything. It has to be placed out in plain sight. For this game, the more cluttered the room with furniture and knickknacks, the better.

The person who left the room then comes back and searches for the object. Anyone else in the room should not give any hints. When the object is found, choose another person to leave the room and start the fun all over again.

This is the action figure we use.

We’ve been playing this game since the boys were little. They are both teenagers now and still enjoy play this game. They have gotten much better at the art of hiding in plain sight.

Bonus Game Twist

We play an additional version of this game where the whole house is fair game. We have this stuffed sheep named Shawn. Shawn is a standard size stuffed animal. He usually lives in one of the boys rooms, but sometimes Shawn decides he wants to mix things up and visit another area of the house. Just like in the game above Shawn never hides inside, under or behind things. He only hides in plain sight. There are times Shawn’s new location isn’t discovered for days and others he’s found fairly quickly.

This is Shawn

Hope your family enjoys these games.

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Until next time be happy, stay safe, and have fun.

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