Fun and Silly Days and Holidays June 1st – 7th

Welcome to Fun and Silly Days and Holidays for the week of June 1st – 7th. The month of June is Candy Month, Gay Pride Month and Rose Month plus multiple fun days during the month. So lets get going with this first week.

June 2nd – National Rocky Road Day celebrates the Rocky Road flavor in all its forms. The most popular form is rocky road ice cream. But what makes up this flavor. It is made up of milk chocolate, marshmallow and nuts. The rocky road flavor originated in Australia in 1853.

June 4th – Applesauce Cake Day Applesauce cakes have been popular since colonial times with a surge in popularity from 1900 – 1950’s. the basic ingredients are flour, sugar and applesauce, then add spices accordingly. I found a colonial recipe that I plan on trying. So fingers crossed.

June 4th – Hug Your Cat Day this is a fairly straight forward holiday. Hug your cat often today. Egyptians worshipped and glorified cats. If you don’t have a cat head on down to your local shelter and volunteer. To be fair in my house, it’s always hug your cat day 🙂

June 4th – National Cheese Day celebrates cheese in all its glory. Enjoy cheese in all its forms. There are so many to chose from. Head down to your local cheese counter and pick up a few new to you cheese. Don’t forget to give your favorite cheeses some love as well.

Wow, June 4th is a busy day.

I hope you enjoyed this preview into next weeks fun and silly days and holidays.

As always, please follow me on Instagram @beinglaurakmarshall , just for the fun of it.

Until next time, be happy, stay safe.

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