Fun and Silly Days and Holidays May 25th – May 31st

Welcome to Fun and Silly days and holidays for May 25th – 31st. This week is all about food and beverage. My inner foodie is so happy.

May 25th – National Wine Day is to celebrate wine. Buy it, drink it and enjoy its history. The best way to celebrate the day is to visit a winery. Unfortunately that isn’t possible at the moment. So enjoy some wine at home instead. Wine day was officailly first celebrated in 2009. There are several other wine appreciation holidays throughout the year.

Duck Pond Winery
My husband and I at Duck Pond Winery at a tasting event.

May 28th – National Hamburger Day yum right?The U.S. and Canada love their hamburgers but hamburgers were invented in Germany. Throughout history there are references to similar types of food as far back as ancient Egypt. Our modern hamburger came to U.S and Canada with German immigrants. Let’s celebrate by firing up the BBQ and creating mouth watering burgers.

May 31st – National Macaroon Day honors the macaroon, a flour-less cookie. It is enjoyed the worldwide. They are popular in the Jewish community during Passover when Jews can not cook with flour. Macaroons were believed to have been first made in an Italian monastery in 1792. Head over to your favor bakery and pick up a few to celebrate.

I hope you enjoyed this preview into next weeks fun and silly days and holidays

Until next time, be happy, stay safe.

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