Writing Myth Monday

Happy Monday Morning Everyone! I feel that may be a bit perky for a Monday morning but I’m excited about busting writing myths every Monday. That’s right, for the next eighteen weeks I will be busting writing myths. I feel as an writer I’ve fallen for some, if not all, these myths at some time in my career. So I present to you, Writing Myth #1 I NEED to be at my computer to write.

All I have to say to that is,” Oh know you don’t!”

Computers and other types of technology are here to help you, not hold you back. All you need is a pen and paper, but in today’s world a lot of us have a portable computing device of some sort to use. I do like the freedom of the pen and paper approach though. I love writing freehand. I feel like I can write faster and I feel a closer connection to the words. My ideas seem to flow through to the paper far more effortlessly. I do a lot of writing out on my deck when the weathers nice and the boys, and dog, are out running around. Or just to get outside and get fresh air. I also sit in my comfy chair in the den to write.

View from the back deck while writing

Don’t trap yourself with a computer or other devices that were meant to make your life easier.

So head on out and get your write on! I mean responsibly, six feet a part, stay safe and healthy.

Have a great Monday.

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Beautiful day in the backyard

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