Happy Earth Day!

Happy Earth Day! Today isn’t just Earth Day it’s the 50th anniversary of the day. Which is pretty awesome. Earth Day started as a local initiative and it has turned in to a world wide event.

Earth Day

This year we can’t do the huge community clean up projects or tree plantings but we can do things as individuals and families. Take a walk today and bring a trash bag with you. Pick up trash on your walk. To celebrate Earth Day every day start picking up trash every day when out for a walk.

Many small actions done by many people do make a difference.

My students last year took on the challenge of cleaning up trash on our school grounds for the remainder of the school year, starting on Earth Day. It was amazing how much trash was collected. I loved the conversations my students started about the behaviors that created the trash and how they, as kids, were the voice to make a change.

Student Art

What are you going to do to make every day Earth Day?

Have a great day, stay healthy and stay safe.

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Until next time.

Trash collected from school playground by students.

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