Writing Exercise – Point of View

For today’s writing post I thought we’d visit our good friend , Writing Exercise. Writing exercises are a good way to get your brain working and stretching. They give you an opportunity to just write or to work on a writing skill you feel you need more practice on. As writers, we all need to practice.

Newman helping with the writing process

Today’s writing exercise is on point of view.

Set the scene – Depending on whose eyes (point of view) a scene is viewed through, they will see things very differently. An adult sees things differently than a child. A man sees things differently than a woman.

With all of us staying inside to flatten the curve I though this point of view exercise was fitting.

Select a room and describe it as a sanctuary. Then describe the same room as a prison.

I think we can all relate to this right now. Good luck and have fun.

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Until next time.

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