Insta Pot Orange Chicken

Orange Chicken over rice

This is a flavor packed recipe. You can adjust the amount of marmalade to your families personal tastes. The first time I made this I put in 18 oz of marmalade and it made my families eyes cross from the orange flavor.

I hope you enjoy the recipe.

Orange Chicken Insta Pot

3 Chicken Breasts cubed

6-8 oz Orange Marmalade

¼ cup Soy Sauce

1 cup BBQ Sauce

Rice made according to the package.

What you’ll need.
Cubed chicken breast
  1. Select Saute and cook chicken for about 5 minutes or until chicken is white on all sides. Chicken does not need to be cooked all the way though. Cancel Saute. Note: chicken produces a lot of liquid. Remove excess liquid before adding additional ingredients. If you leave the liquid in your sauce it will be diluted.
  2. Add remaining ingredients and stir.
  3. Cook on manual for 10 minutes.
  4. Quick Release.
  5. Serve over rice.

This is an easy and quick recipe I’m sure your family will enjoy.

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Until next time.

Orange Chicken

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