Making Something from Nothing Activity

During this time of no school and social distancing, I dove into my STEM enrichment materials to give you an activity that will get your kids creativity flowing and build something from nothing.

Below is my lesson plan I wrote for my enrichment. It is part of a bigger class Inventors Workshop so please excuse the treachery wording.

I hope your child enjoys this activity. My students did. There are a few pictures at the bottom of the post of students creating.

Objective: Thinking outside the box and creating from random items.

Materials Needed:

Bottle Glue

Stick Glue


Supplies for creating:



Have items out on a table for the students to select from. Here are some ideas for items you can collect for this activity. This is a great opportunity to clean out all the extra “stuff” you have tucked away.

More supplies

Bottles, bottle tops, pipe cleaners, straws, chopsticks, paper plates, plastic spoons, egg cartons, toilet paper rolls, paper towel rolls, construction paper, small cardboard boxes, shoe boxes, yarn, string etc. 


Set out all creating items on a table.

Last class we created cars, ships, and other creations out of a random shape. You stretched your brain to be creative. Now we’re going to stretch your imagination and creativity to create something from this table of random everyday items.

Give a quick tour of all the items on the table.

There are only a few rules to using the supplies on the table.

Think about what you want to create before you select your supplies.

Once you select items from the table, please respect them.

If you decide you don’t need an item please return it to the table. 

Now that you’ve seen the items and taken a moment to think about what you can create. I’ll dismiss a few of you at a time to select your items.

When class time is close to completing, give students the opportunity to share their creations.

Please share your childrens creations. I love how creative kids can be.

As always, to keep up on my daily happenings, please follow me on Instagram @beinglaurakmarshall

Until next time.

Student creation
More Creativity
Students being creative

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