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As a writer, you write, pretty basic. So with that said, I haven’t felt like much of a writer in the last 16 months. I’ve written off and on. A few hundred words here and there, but nothing like I used to when I wrote. I could turn out thousands of words in a day. I was driven to write. I always had something with me to write, or edit, or just jot down notes.

Then in November 2013 it all came to a screeching halt. I had to go back to working a “day job”. For me that meant 50-60 hours a week. In the beginning I kept telling myself, “Once you get out of training things will calm down and you’ll have time to write.” But things didn’t. So I find myself only have written a few thousand words over that course of time.

I refer to my day job as the burger mines, because I feel like I’m descending into the mines to dredge away for hours. In the mines I felt so little creativity and writing was a chore. I did very little that was creative because my creative well had been drained. I started to turn that around this last month I have been writing more. A little here, and a little there. I’m feeling inspired to write. Nowhere what I used to but the feeling is there. The feeling of needing to finish the draft of the book I’m currently working on is growing. Not just to feel the satisfaction of finishing the draft but to find out how the story plays out.

I find myself now filling my creative well with multiple different mediums of art. I’m exploring different creative channels so I can grow. Will I ever write to my previous level again? I don’t know. Only time will answer that question.  I’m starting to find the writer in me again. The writer may be different now, but it’s still me.

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